Additive Manufacturing Security

Submission Deadline: 30 April 2020

IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Additive Manufacturing Security.

Additive Manufacturing (AM), a.k.a. 3D Printing, is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry. This technology is being used to manufacture 3D objects for a broad range of application scenarios such as prototypes in R&D and functional parts in safety critical systems. The benefits of this technology include shorter design-to-product time, just-in-time and on-demand production, and close proximity to assembly lines. Furthermore, AM can produce functional parts with complex internal structures and optimized physical properties with less material waste than subtractive manufacturing.

Due to the numerous technical and economic advantages that this technology promises, AM is expected to become a dominant manufacturing technology in both industrial and home settings. The need to secure physical and cyber-physical systems gives rise to a corresponding need to understand potential attacks via AM systems, and to develop countermeasures that will enable attack prevention, detection, and digital investigation. So far, three major security threat categories have been identified for AM: theft of technical data (or violation of intellectual property, IP), sabotage of AM, and manufacturing of illegal objects. AM Security is a fairly new and highly multi-disciplinary field of research that addresses these threats.

The aim of this Special Section in IEEE Access is to discuss recent advances in AM Security, addressing both offensive and defensive approaches.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Compromise of AM systems and environment
  • Security threats and attacks in AM context: Theft of technical data (or violation of intellectual property), sabotage of AM, manufacturing of illegal objects
  • Technical approaches to detect attacks on/with AM
  • Technical approaches to prevent attacks on/with AM
  • Digital Investigation and [digital] forensics in the AM context
  • Legal aspects of attacks on/with AM
  • Economic incentives for AM Security
  • Socioeconomic implications of attacks on/with AM
  • Comparative analysis of AM vs. CPS/IoT/Industry 4.0/… Securities


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  6. Anthony Skjellum, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA
  7. Joshua Lubell, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA
  8. Celia Paulsen, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA


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