On Online Adaptive Direct Data Driven Control

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Based on our recent contributions on direct data driven control scheme, this paper continues to do some new research on direct data driven control, paving another way for latter future work on advanced control theory. Firstly, adaptive idea is combined with direct data driven control, one parameter adjustment mechanism is constructed to design the parameterized controller online. Secondly, to show the input-output property for the considered closed loop system, passive analysis is studied to be similar with stability. Thirdly, to validate whether the designed controller is better or not, another safety controller modular is added to achieve the designed or expected control input with the essence of model predictive control. Finally, one simulation example confirms our proposed theories. More generally, this paper studies not only the controller design and passive analysis, but also some online algorithm, such as recursive parameter identification and online subgradient descent algorithm. Furthermore, safety controller modular is firstly introduced in direct data driven control scheme.

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