Research on Pattern Matching of Dynamic Sustainable Procurement Decision-Making for Agricultural Machinery Equipment Parts

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With the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and the diversification of production methods of agricultural machinery and equipment, external purchase, external coordination, and self-made products continue to increase. If agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises want to maintain maximum benefits in the fierce competition, they must pay attention to the collaborative procurement decision-making model and the relationship between production, supply, and marketing, and seek a comprehensive dynamic sustainable procurement strategy under the supply chain environment. In this paper, from the manufacturers of agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises, firstly, three procurement strategies based on line-side inventory supply, third-party logistics supply, and dynamic sustainable supply are studied respectively, while a system dynamics model of collaborative procurement strategy for the agricultural machinery supply chain is constructed and the three procurement strategy models are simulated and analyzed Secondly, the simulation results are analyzed to establish the measurement indexes for evaluating sustainable procurement model matching, and a procurement model matching measurement model based on the topological superiority of object elements combined with the topological hierarchical analysis method and CRITIC comprehensive assignment method is proposed to determine the index weights. And using the correlation function calculation, we get the comprehensive superiority ranking of procurement patterns and the correlation comparison of individual indicators and output the optimal procurement matching pattern and pattern recognition degree. Finally, an application example is given to verify the correctness and practicability of the proposed decision-making model, to provide a qualitative and quantitative dynamic sustainable procurement multi-attribute decision-making tool for the procurement management of agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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