Probabilistic Analysis on Successive Cancellation-Assisted Transmitter Identification in SFN With Randomly Distributed Co-Channel Interferers

This paper investigates the detection error of radio frequency (RF)-watermark type transmitter identification (TxID) signal in a single frequency network (SFN). Based on the Cramer-Rao bound (CRB) of TxID detection, closed-form failure probabilities for TxID detection are derived. In order to reflect the practical network condition, the interference from Poisson-distributed out-of-guard interval transmitters is accounted for TxID detection failure probability (TDFP). The proposed approach consequently examines the possible TDFP gain that can be obtained by applying successive preamble cancellation to the TxID detection. Numerical results reveal that the performance of the preamble cancellation-assisted technique is dependent on the threshold signal-to-interference noise ratio (SINR) for preamble signal detection. Nevertheless, the assistance of preamble cancellation is verified to guarantee more than 4 dB improvement of TxID detection capability under practical preamble signal configurations.

Published in the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society Section within IEEE Access.

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