Security Analytics and Intelligence for Cyber Physical Systems

Submission Deadline: 31 December 2017

IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Security Analytics and Intelligence for Cyber Physical Systems.

Cyber security has gained significant attention worldwide due to the emergence of high profile cyber attacks. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), by definition, are smart systems that include both physical and computational components which seamlessly integrate and closely interact in order to sense the constantly changing states of the real world. These systems are present at the core of the modern society. CPS are endangered to disastrous consequences in case of a failure. Applications of CPS include multiple sectors such as smart transportation, smart electric grids, smart medical technologies and air traffic control.

Cyber attackers cause harm to these infrastructures from multiple directions, such that their identity remains hidden. Due to latest advancements such as sophisticated threat matrices, industrial network automation, lack of knowledge about threat patterns, big data management and privacy, the upcoming attacks and threats have made these CPS highly insecure. As these infrastructures are heavily connected, this as a result makes the attack more sophisticated and targeted. In addition, such attacks can easily be triggered with minimum human involvement from remote locations, thus making the infrastructure more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The volume of digital information is rapidly increasing for CPS. Large-scale data centers, used for CPS protection and monitoring are also vulnerable to malicious user behaviors, such as cyber attacks, compromise of credentials or unforeseen behavioral patterns. There is a need for deploying such security solutions that follow a defense-in-depth mechanism.

Security analytics and intelligence can play an important role in this regard. It works mainly by collecting enormous amounts of data and uses it for creating threat patterns, such that preventive measures could be taken in a timely manner. Proper analysis provides an in-depth knowledge about the root cause for an identified vulnerability or threat.

The goal of this Special Section in IEEE Access is to collect highly relevant and outstanding research articles that are able to provide solutions for securing CPS, keeping security analytics and intelligence as a base. This Special Section will benefit the research domain and the industry as a result. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Big Data Analytics for Smart Grids Security
  • Security Analytics for ICS/SCADA Systems
  • New attack patterns and behavior analysis for CPS security
  • Detection and analysis for malwares in CPS
  • In-stream data analytics for CPS network monitoring
  • Big data analysis for CPS data storage
  • CPS data streams visualization and analysis
  • Collaborative intrusion detection and multiple agents monitoring for CPS security
  • CPS related big data policies and standards
  • Log analytics for CPS
  • Vulnerability analysis for CPS
  • Big data privacy protection for CPS
  • Security analysis of intrusion prevention systems for CPS
  • CPS network forensics
  • Intrusion detection systems analytics
  • Security modeling and threat of CPS data management
  • Cyber security multi-stream analysis for CPS correlations
  • Security data collection and protection technologies
  • Trustworthy data process, aggregation and analytics for CPS security


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4.  Xiali (Sharon) Hei, Delaware State University, United States


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