Multiphase Flow Measurement: Techniques and Applications

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Multiphase flow is a commonly seen complex process in industries such as petroleum and chemical engineering industries. Understanding its flow mechanics and establishing computational models require precise measurement of its parameters. However, measuring the parameters of multiphase flow has been considered an ultimate challenge during the past decades. It is of significance to scientific research and also of practical value to the industries.

The measuring techniques of multiphase flow usually incorporate the state-of-the-art of applied physics, and the modeling process requires profound knowledge about the multiphase flow dynamics. New measuring techniques, such as process tomography, optical fiber, ultrasound, PIV, X-ray and MRI, have been developed specifically for multiphase flow measurement. Traditional measuring techniques such as differential pressure, turbine meters, have also been applied to multiphase flow measurement by reinventing new applications. Generally, the multiphase flow measurement methods and instrumentations are application-dependent, i.e. a certain technique operates properly only in one or a range of applications, however a universal solution has not been proposed. Therefore, it has attracted research contributions from many areas such as biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, instrumentation and materials.

In addition, practical meters for multiphase flow measurement have been in high demand by the industrial companies to solve the measurement and control problems in complex processes. Thus, it is a typical application-driven research topic.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Flow process tomography and imaging
  • Multiphase flow meters
  • Multisensor data fusion for flow measurement
  • Novel sensor design and applications for multiphase flow measurement
  • Non-intrusive detection techniques for multiphase flow
  • Flow pattern recognition and analysis
  • Data process in multiphase flow
  • Industrial applications
  • 2D/3D Flow field measurement and reconstruction
  • Measurement modeling for multiphase flow measurement

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