Filterless and Compact ANy-WDM Transmission System Based on Cascaded Ring Modulators

To cope with the exponential increase in internet services and corresponding data traffic, especially data centers and access networks require new high data rate transmission methods with low cost, very small package and low energy consumption. In this paper, we demonstrate a filterless, agnostic Nyquist wavelength division multiplexing (ANy-WDM) transmission system based on cascaded ring modulators and a comb source. The single ring modulator acts as a filter, filtering one of the n WDM lines, generated by the comb. The same ring modulator modulates k time division multiplexed (TDM) channels on the single wavelength. Since each WDM channel, consisting of k time domain channels, has a rectangular bandwidth, the aggregated symbol rate of the superchannel modulated by this system corresponds to the optical bandwidth of all n WDM channels together. The approach is very simple and compact. Since no optical filters, delay lines or other special photonics or high bandwidth electronics is needed, an integration into any photonics platform is straightforward. Thus, the proposed method might enable very compact, ultra-high data rate transmission devices for future data centers and access networks.

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