Dynamic Analysis of Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Type Coaxial Magnetic Gear With Damper Bar Considering Magnetic Field Modulation Effect

Coaxial Magnetic Gear (CMG) has unstable dynamic characteristics by hunting or pull-out action of the output rotor when the load or speed are changed, unlike traditional mechanical gears. These dynamic characteristics need to be improved in order to secure the reliability of mechanical power transmission system by fast and accurate response. In this paper, the damper bar used in synchronous machines is considered as a method to improve the dynamic characteristics of CMG. The Surface-mounted Permanent Magnet (SPM) type CMG is selected as the analysis model. The space harmonics of the magnetic flux density of stationary and rotary members of CMG namely, modulating pieces, inner and outer rotor, are analyzed and characterized the influence of them on the improvement of dynamic characteristics as well as torque reduction. Also, the magnetic flux density characteristics and the damping effect are compared according to the position of the damper bars on two rotors and the modulating pieces. In conclusion, the considerations about the perspective for design and application are presented when using the damper bar for SPM type CMG.

*Published in the IEEE Magnetics Society Section within IEEE Access.

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