A Simple and Adjustable Technique for Effective Linearization of Power Amplifiers Using Harmonic Injection

A simple and effective method for linearization of power amplifiers (PAs) is proposed. The method is based on the second harmonic injection into the input of the PA. The second harmonic is generated in a feedback path by taking the low-power transistors of a pseudo-differential pair amplifier to their nonlinear regime. The amplitude and phase of the second harmonics are controlled by tunable matching networks of the pseudo-differential pair which include trimmer capacitors. Using a theoretical analysis, we show that the proposed method is capable of canceling the third-order intermodulation signal at the PA output. As a proof of concept, a 10-W PA in a frequency band of 1.4 – 1.6 GHz is designed and linearized. By fabricating both the reference and linearized PAs and performing measurements under several conditions, it is experimentally demonstrated that applying the proposed scheme, thanks to its adjustability, highly linearizes the PA in a wide bandwidth and a wide range of output power.

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