Novel Universal Power Electronic Interface for Integration of PV Modules and Battery Energy Storages in Residential DC Microgrids

This paper introduces the novel concept of a highly versatile smart power electronic interface for fast deployment of residential dc microgrids. The proposed approach has bidirectional power flow control capabilities, wide operating voltage range, and high efficiency resulting from the topology morphing control utilization. This enables universal compatibility with the majority of the commercial 60- and 72-cell photovoltaic modules, as well as the efficient charge/discharge control of the 24 V and 48 V battery energy storages using the same hardware platform. The proposed concept features fully autonomous operation where switching between the photovoltaic and battery interfacing modes is automatically done using the input source identification algorithm. Moreover, the proposed universal interface converter employs droop control and solid-state protection, making it fully compatible with the emerging standards and requirements for power electronic systems used in dc microgrid environments. A 350 W prototype was developed and tested in the residential 350 V dc microgrid with droop control to validate the proposed concept experimentally.

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