Single-Longitudinal-Mode Thulium-Doped Fiber Laser With Sub-kHz Linewidth Based on a Triple-Coupler Double-Ring Cavity

We propose and demonstrate a stable single-longitudinal mode (SLM) thulium-doped fiber laser (TDFL) with a Fabry- Pérot (F-P) fiber Bragg grating (FBG) filter and a triple-coupler based double-ring cavity (TC-DRC) filter. For the first time, this structure of TC-DRC filter is used to select a single mode from dense longitudinal-modes in a ring cavity TDFL. The design and fabricate methods of TC-DRC filter are revealed and the principle of SLM selection is also analyzed in detail. The experimental results demonstrated the good performance of the proposed filter. The central wavelength of proposed TDFL is 2049.49 nm and its OSNR is higher than 35 dB. There is no obvious wavelength drift during the test, and the power fluctuation is less 0.5 dB. The SLM operation is verified through the self-homodyne method, this laser can be stably maintained in a SLM state after operating for one hour under laboratory condition. In addition, the linewidth is measured less than 10 kHz based on the phase noise demodulation method.

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