Robust Stereo Visual SLAM for Dynamic Environments With Moving Object

The accuracy of localization and mapping of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) using visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is significantly reduced in a dynamic environment compared to a static environment due to incorrect data association caused by dynamic objects. To solve this problem, a robust stereo SLAM algorithm based on dynamic region rejection is proposed. The algorithm first detects dynamic feature points from the fundamental matrix of consecutive frames and then divides the current frame into superpixels and labels its boundaries with disparity. Finally, dynamic regions are obtained from dynamic feature points and superpixel boundaries types; only the static area is used to estimate the pose to improve the localization accuracy and robustness of the algorithm. Experiments show that the proposed algorithm outperforms ORB-SLAM2 in the KITTI dataset, and the absolute trajectory error in the actual dynamic environment can be reduced by 84% compared with the conventional ORB-SLAM2, which can effectively improve the localization and mapping accuracy of AGVs in dynamic environments.

*Published in the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Section within IEEE Access.

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