Data Management in Industry 4.0: State of the Art and Open Challenges


Information and communication technologies are permeating all aspects of industrial and manufacturing systems, expediting the generation of large volumes of industrial data. This paper surveys the recent literature on data management as it applies to networked industrial environments and identifies several open research challenges for the future. As a first step, we extract important data properties (volume, variety, traffic, and criticality) and identify the corresponding data enabling technologies of diverse fundamental industrial use cases, based on practical applications. Second, we provide a detailed outline of recent industrial architectural designs with respect to their data management philosophy (data presence, data coordination, and data computation) and the extent of their distributiveness. Then, we conduct a holistic survey of the recent literature from which we derive a taxonomy of the latest advances in industrial data enabling technologies and data centric services, spanning all the way from the field level deep in the physical deployments, up to the cloud and applications level. Finally, motivated by the rich conclusions of this critical analysis, we identify interesting open challenges for future research. The concepts presented in this paper thematically cover the largest part of the industrial automation pyramid layers. Our approach is multidisciplinary, as the selected publications were drawn from two fields; the communications, networking and computation field, and the industrial, manufacturing, and automation field. This paper can help the readers to deeply understand how data management is currently applied in networked industrial environments, and select interesting open research opportunities to pursue.

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