Novel Approach to FDSOI Threshold Voltage Model Validated at Cryogenic Temperatures

The paper presents a novel approach to the modeling of the back-gate dependence of the threshold voltage of Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FDSOI) MOSFETs down to cryogenic temperatures by using slope factors with a gate coupling effect. The FDSOI technology is well-known for its capability to modulate the threshold voltage efficiently by the back-gate voltage. The proposed model analytically demonstrates the threshold voltage as a function of the back-gate voltage without the pre-defined threshold condition, and it requires only a calibration point, i.e., a threshold voltage with the corresponding back-gate voltage, front- and back-gate slope factors, and work functions of front and back gates. The model has been validated over a wide range of the back-gate voltages at room temperature and down to 3 K. It is suitable for optimizing low-power circuits at cryogenic temperatures for quantum computing applications.

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