Complex Systems: A Communication Networks Perspective Towards 6G


Over the last few years, the analysis and modeling of networks as well as the analysis and modeling of networked dynamical systems, has attracted considerable interdisciplinary interest, especially using the complex systems theory. These efforts are driven by the fact that systems, as diverse as genetic networks or the Internet can be effectively described as complex networks. Contrary, despite the unprecedented evolution of technology, basic issues and fundamental principles related to the structural and evolutionary properties of communication networks still remain largely unaddressed. The situation is even more complicated when we attempt to model the mobile communication networks and especially the 5th generation (5G) and eventually the forthcoming 6th generation (6G). In this work, we attempt to review basic models of complex networks from a communication networks perspective, focusing on their structural and evolutionary properties. Based on this review we aim to reveal the models of complex networks, that may apply when modeling the 5G and 6G mobile communication networks. Furthermore, we expect to encourage the collaboration between complex systems and networking theorists toward meeting the challenging demands of 5G networks and beyond.

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