Deep Embedded Clustering Framework for Mixed Data

Deep embedded clustering (DEC) is a representative clustering algorithm that leverages deep-learning frameworks. DEC jointly learns low-dimensional feature representations and optimizes the clustering goals but only works with numerical data. However, in practice, the real-world data to be clustered includes not only numerical features but also categorical features that DEC cannot handle. In addition, if the difference between the soft assignment and target values is large, DEC applications may suffer from convergence problems. In this study, to overcome these limitations, we propose a deep embedded clustering framework that can utilize mixed data to increase the convergence stability using soft-target updates; a concept that is borrowed from an improved deep Q learning algorithm used in reinforcement learning. To evaluate the performance of the framework, we utilized various benchmark datasets composed of mixed data and empirically demonstrated that our approach outperformed existing clustering algorithms in most standard metrics. To the best of our knowledge, we state that our work achieved state-of-the-art performance among its contemporaries in this field.

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