Current Status and Performance Analysis of Optical Camera Communication Technologies for 5G Networks


This paper investigates optical camera communication (OCC) technologies, targeting new spectrum, multiple-input-multiple-output diversity, transmission access, and novel architectures with augmented reality user experience for the extended 5G wireless network. It provides the current OCC research status and trend pertaining to these technologies, especially an inside view on the revision of IEEE 802.15.7-2011 known as the IEEE 802.15.7m (TG7m) Optical Wireless Communication Task Group. Such standardization activities have a major impact on the development of OCC technologies. In addition, it provides a detailed review of the related literature. Herein, OCC technologies are classified into five categories to elucidate their operations and technical characteristics. Furthermore, a concise performance analysis, numerical simulations, and some comparison of the results obtained for associated systems are presented, and the future directions of research and development are discussed.

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