A Real-Time Bicycle Record System of Ground Conditions Based on Internet of Things


In recent years, bicycles have quickly become one of the major urban sports. At the same time, with the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), embedded system combine IoT devices are widely used and making computing truly ubiquitous. Although bicycles have various functions, they fail to provide cyclists with sufficient exercise-related information and post-exercise analysis. Therefore, this paper introduced a bicycle record system of ground conditions based on IoT which is combining smartphone and embedded system. The event data recorder comprised two parts, a “smartphone-based event data recorder”and “bicycle-based real-time information feedback system”. Using the event data recorder, this paper integrated and provided various types of real-time information for cyclists while they cycled to help them achieve their desired exercise results. After cycling, the cyclists could view cycling-related information through software analysis. This information included cycling routes taken, total cycling distance, and total calories burned. The event data recorder also saved information related to cycling routes, such as acceleration, deceleration, directional changes, and slope changes. By analyzing the recorded information, cyclists not only gained further insight into their exercise results but were also able to share cycling-related information through the Internet, which would benefit cyclists who had not cycled along this route before. By developing the bicycle record system, this paper aimed to provide cyclists with real-time, accurate, and complete information, enabling them to enjoy a consummate cycling environment.

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