Wide Area Surveillance

Submission Deadline: 15 June 2019

IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Wide Area Surveillance.

Wide area surveillance (WAS) has many applications, from monitoring forests to oceans, coastal security to illegal fishing, terrorism to transportation management, vessel management in harbors to surface monitoring in narrow waterways, etc. The term “wide area” may be a few square kilometers up to several hundred nautical miles in range, and 100-120 degrees in azimuth. Wide area surveillance covers both hard-target detection (e.g., ships, aircrafts) and environmental monitoring, namely currents, waves, and tsunamis (echoes from the sea). Many countries with coastal regions have studied multi-sensor WAS systems for several decades, among them the USA, Canada, France, Turkey, Australia, China and Germany have made note-worthy progress.

WAS systems deal with problems related to almost every aspect of engineering, from electromagnetics to circuits and networks, and from system engineering to multi-physics. A few examples include sensors and sensor integration; electromagnetics/acoustics/ocean wave dynamics, radiowave propagation, radar systems, radar cross section, systems and system integration, antenna systems, digital beamforming and beam steering, etc.

This Special Section in IEEE Access focuses on all the above-mentioned aspects of WAS systems. It will include reviews and surveys, as well as original and new research articles.

The topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensors and Surveillance Systems
  • High Frequency Surface Wave Radars (HFSWR) or Over-the-Horizon Radars (OTHR)
  • Maritime Integrated Surveillance Systems
  • Vessel Management in Harbors and Narrow Waterways
  • Electromagnetics / Acoustics / Ocean wave dynamics
  • WAS Modeling and Simulation
  • Tracking and Fusion
  • Antenna Arrays and Beam forming/steering
  • Electromagnetic Scattering, Propagation and Diffraction
  • System Maintenance and Reliability

We also highly recommend the submission of multimedia with each article as it significantly increases the visibility, downloads, and citations of articles.


Associate Editor: Mehmet Alper Uslu, Netaş, Turkey

Guest Editors:

  1. Levent Sevgi, Istanbul Okan University, Turkey
  2. Tony Ponsford, Raytheon, Canada
  3. Stuart Anderson, University of Adelaide, Australia


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IEEE Access Editor-in-Chief:
Michael Pecht, Professor and Director, CALCE, University of Maryland

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