Smart Caching, Communications, Computing and Cybersecurity for Information-Centric Internet of Things

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IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Smart Caching, Communications, Computing and Cybersecurity for Information-Centric Internet of Things.

Internet of things (IoT) which supports ubiquitous information exchange and content sharing among smart devices with little or no human intervention is a key enabler for various applications such as smart city, smart grid, smart health, intelligent transportation systems, and so on. With the evolutionary growth of IoT, it is estimated that almost 50 billion devices will be interconnected by 2020. The gap between the rapidly growing demands of data rate and existing bandwidth-limited network infrastructures has become ever prominent. As a novel communication model, information-center networking (ICN) is different from traditional IP address-centric model. In fact, ICN develops from host-to-host to host-to-network, which is a promising architecture to improve the performances of IoT. Therefore, how to explore the inherent nature of the large amount of devices, such as smart caching, communications, computing and cybersecurity capabilities, to build up an efficient and smart information-centric IoT (IC-IoT) paradigm is of great significance.

Together with recent advances in caching, communication, computing, and cybersecurity, a novel smart technical paradigm for IC-IoT is emerging. Communication refers to content-driven wireless technologies and networking protocols that guarantee end-to-end connectivity. Caching and computing refer to the capabilities of the IC-IoT devices to store the data, and execute the edge computing tasks locally. Cybersecurity means to secure and protect the privacy of the content generated from or stored at IC-IoT devices. Fully utilizing all these features can complement the current study of IC-IoT and overcome the current limitations of such a highly distributed network.  However, effectively utilizing these existing capabilities for addressing the fundamental challenges in IC-IoT remains nontrivial. Despite the development of IoT, some fundamental problems are still open and require immediate studies, such as:

  • How can we achieve much higher energy and spectrum efficiency of the IC-IoT network with limited bandwidth provisioning?
  • How can we utilize storage and caching capabilities of IC-IoT devices to offload the data in order to release the traffic of the cellular networks and provide low-latency services?
  • Can we leverage recent advances in computing to evaluate the needs for locally computing or offloading to cloud/edge?
  • How can we design the lightweight security schemes, such as encryption, to secure the current IC-IoT networks?

The aim of this Special Section in IEEE Access is to provide timely and comprehensive overviews of the current state-of-the-art in terms of fundamental theoretical innovations and technological advances and towards exploiting smart caching, communications, computing and cybersecurity for future IoT networks.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Advances in communication theory, technology, and architecture for IC-IoT
  • Smart mobile computing, edge computing, cloud computing for IC-IoT
  • Smart content push, distribution and caching for IC-IoT
  • Software-defined networking and network function virtualization solutions for IC-IoT
  • Smart and novel QoS and QoE provisionings of IC-IoT
  • Computing and analysis for big data in IC-IoT
  • Novel security situational awareness, threat intelligence analysis and security defense for IC-IoT
  • Lightweight cryptography algorithms for content privacy for IC-IoT
  • Experimental prototypes and test-bed for IC-IoT
  • Smart energy efficiency and energy harvesting in IC-IoT
  • Optimization solutions of caching, communication, computing and cybersecurity for IC-IoT
  • Emerging IC-IoT applications in novel networks such as Internet of Vehicle, 5G, space information network, smart city,
  • Standardization of caching, communications, computing and cybersecurity of IC-IoT
  • Novel artificial intelligence algorithms for smart caching, communications, computing and cybersecurity of IC-IoT

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  3. Zheng Chang, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
  4. Sandeep S. Kumar, Philips Lighting Research, The Netherlands
  5. William J. Miller, Maximum Control Technologies, USA


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