Resource Management in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: Energy Management, Communication Protocol and Future Applications

Submission Deadline: 31 January 2017

IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Resource Management in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: Energy Management, Communication Protocol and Future Applications.

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is a wireless communications technology which holds the characteristics of Ad-Hoc Networks. However, due to the impact of dynamic road conditions, traffic flow theory concepts, mobility constraints, human interaction, and vehicular characteristics, VANETs exhibit different behavior. With the advancements and ongoing research in wireless communication, VANETs are integrated with different emerging technologies as well. The concept of VANET is implemented in every domain of life starting from intelligent transportation, safe and secures road journeys, smart and green technologies and business oriented services for societies. This attracts and arise different areas of interest for researchers to deal with the VANETs issues during its implementations and operations.

The goal of this Special Section in IEEE Access is to highlight and summarize the efforts and ongoing research work on the issue of resource management in VANETs. The issue will be covering the energy management, communication protocols and future applications of VANETs, focusing the key concepts of Internet of Vehicles, VANETs Clouds, VANETs based Smart Grid, Software Define Networking in VANETs and Unmanned Arial Vehicles integration with VANETs. This issue will provide the opportunity for research community across the globe to share their ideas on these newly emerging fields of VANETs.

The topics for this Special Section include:
Energy Management in VANETs:

  • Energy management in Internet of Vehicles (IOV) communication.
  • Renewable energy resources for VANETs cloud.
  • Energy management in electric vehicles recharging.
  • Managing energy resources in vehicles-to-home communications.
  • Energy issues in Software Define Networking for VANETs.

Communication Protocols in VANETs:

  • Multimedia communication in VANETs.
  • Energy aware routing protocols for VANETs.
  • Network coding for VANETs.
  • Communication protocols for IOVs.
  • Mac layer issues under vehicles-to-grid and vehicle-to-home applications.
  • Secure communication in VANETs.

Future Applications of VANETs:

  • VANET role towards Green environments.
  • Vehicular cyber physical system.
  • VANETs and Smart Grid.
  • Applications of vehicular Grid.


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