Recent Developments in Consensus Problems for Complex Networked Systems

Submission Deadline: 1 March 2017

IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Recent Developments in Consensus Problems for Complex Networked Systems.

During the last few years, consensus problems for complex networked systems composed of interconnected interacting agents have found an ever-increasing number of applications in various areas, such as swarm dynamics, smart grids, sensor networks, intelligent transportation systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, tele-robotics and military. The design of consensus protocols takes advantage of nearest neighbour interaction rules, which renders a framework of distributed multi-agent systems so that the group of dynamic agents can reach an agreement or consensus on certain desired cooperative tasks. The growing complexity of the communication topology and agents’ dynamics along with the great demands on system performance brings numerous challenges including consensus under switching topologies, interdependent networks, time-varying transmission delays, parameter variations, uncertainties, nonlinearities, etc. Moreover, deep links between network science and control theory have been gradually revealed within the last couple of years, which shed light into the consensus problem and make it a promising direction.

This Special Section in IEEE Access aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in the broad field of complex networks and systems, and provide a timely discussion on the recent advances and challenges of consensus problems in complex networked systems.

Topics of interested include, but are not limited to the following:
● Mathematical modeling and analysis of consensus processes
● Synchronization of complex networks
● Consensus seeking in multi-agent systems
● Controllability and observability of complex networks
● Distributed computation and distributed estimation
● Coordination in networked systems
● Formation control problems
● Robustness to changes in network topology and dynamics
● Consensus problems in networked dynamical systems
● Analysis of consensus algorithms
● Consensus related problems in engineering, biological, economic and social sciences


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5. Johan Thunberg, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


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