Intelligent Information Services

Submission Deadline: 31 January 2020

IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Intelligent Information Services.

In the past few years, existing network information service technologies have emphasized and solved the interconnection and interoperability of resources and services, realized the upper application through resource aggregation and collaboration, and effectively promoted the development of network information services. However, in the current internet environment, the diversity of demand and the changeability of environment are more abundant, and the information service technology is setting higher requirements. At present, with the increasing artificial intelligence technology in the field of information services application, and the continuous improvement and upgrading of the current internet infrastructure, application and business model innovations are constantly emerging, and the Internet is further penetrating traditional fields such as finance, transportation, medical treatment, education, etc. Artificial Intelligence technology can already be found in the fields of intelligent transportation, internet finance, and intelligent medical treatment, for example. In the future, some preliminary application results can be expected to be used in a variety of fields, especially in the application areas of Intelligent Information Services, which will have a far-reaching impact.

With the rapid development of computing and communications technology, Intelligent Information Services (IIS) has attracted attention from both research and industrial domains in recent years. The new generation of information technology, represented by Grid Services, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Big Data, has brought great opportunities for cross-domain and cross-organizational application integration and information services in the network environment. This Special Section in IEEE Access aims to provide a forum for educators, scientists, engineers, and researchers to discuss and exchange their new ideas, novel results, works in progress and experience on all aspects of Intelligent Information Service, and other related topics, including Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet+, and Artificial Intelligence.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The model and mechanism of information service
  • Petri net theory and applications
  • Big data and large-scale data driven information service
  • Service-based grid/autonomous/pervasive computing
  • Information service in the mobile Internet
  • Information service in online social networks
  • Service-based Internet+
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms and their applications in Intelligent information services
  • Crossover research of network information services and other areas, such as intelligent manufacturing, smart city

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    5. Guanjun Liu, Tongji University, China


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