Green Internet of Things

Submission Deadline: 01 May 2020

IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Green Internet of Things.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a key enabler for many modernized applications, from marine monitoring to outer space exploration. However, complicated operations (such as device interconnection, data transmission and service optimization) will consume substantial energy in contrast with the limited energy storage of IoT devices. To improve architectural sustainability and ultimately reduce systemic cost, the energy efficient (green) design of IoT has become more prominent. In particular, with the continuous penetration of advanced information and communications (ICT) technologies (such as VR/AR, UAVs, and automobiles), our smart world is being surrounded by big IoT data that craves energy-efficient caching, computing, networking and securing.

Some emerging techniques (e.g., edge computing, SDN/ICN, artificial intelligence) are thought to have promise with novel approaches to overcome the sustainability limitations of current IoT systems. However, fully utilizing these techniques from communication, data processing, and computing etc., to improve the energy efficiency of IoT still faces many fundamental challenges. Some open issues require immediate studies, such as:

  • Achieving much higher energy efficiency of the IoT network with limited bandwidth provisioning and low transmit power
  • Utilizing advanced capabilities of IoT, such as in-network storage and caching, and offload the IoT data in order to release the traffic scale in the cellular networks and provide low-latency IoT services in an energy efficient manner
  • Leveraging recent advances in computing to design an energy efficient computing platform for IoT
  • Designing lightweight security schemes such as encryption, to reduce the energy consumption of a secure IoT network
  • Supporting good system observability and controllability with the employment of green IoT

Therefore, the aim of this Special Section in IEEE Access is to solicit original submissions with novel contributions on Green IoT, from the perspective of energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Contributions by the applications of emerging technologies (e.g., social computing, big data computing, fog computing, edge computing, emotional computing, SDN) to address the energy efficiency issue of IoT are also welcome.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy-efficient transmission for IoT
  • Energy-efficient resource allocation for IoT
  • Energy-efficient computing for IoT
  • Energy-efficient networking protocol for IoT
  • Energy-efficient IoT architecture
  • Energy-efficient caching for IoT
  • Energy-efficient UAV for IoT
  • Energy-efficient vehicular networking for IoT
  • Energy-efficient D2D/M2M
  • Energy-efficient cognitive IoT
  • Social networking and computing for green IoT
  • Big data for green IoT
  • Cloud computing for green IoT
  • Edge computing for green IoT
  • Software-defined networks for green IoT
  • Network virtualization for green IoT
  • Middleware for green IoT
  • Testbeds for green IoT
  • Novel applications for green IoT
  • Artificial intelligence for green IoT
  • Cybersecurity for green IoT
  • SDN-based green IoT for Energy Internet
  • Energy Internet and smart grid communication monitoring techniques through green IoT
  • Green energy resource management through IoT

We also highly recommend the submission of multimedia with each article as it significantly increases the visibility, downloads, and citations of articles.


Associate Editor: Zhenyu Zhou, North China Electric Power University, China

Guest Editors:

    1. Takuro Sato, Wasida University, Japan
    2. Haris Pervaiz, SCC, Lancaster University, UK
    3. Jun Wu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    4. Haris Gačanin, Nokia-Bell Lab, Belgium
    5. Nan Cheng, University of Toronto, Canada
    6. Juan C. Vasquez, Aalborg University, Denmark


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