Complex System Health Management Based on Condition Monitoring and Test Data

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IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Complex System Health Management Based on Condition Monitoring and Test Data.

With the developments of German Industries 4.0, Industrial Internet of the U.S., and China Manufacturing 2025, the global manufacturing industry is facing a crucial transformation. This transformation requires that complex systems should have the characteristics of higher reliability and safety. Accordingly, this is a new era of great challenges for the implementation of system reliability improvement. In this case, intelligent diagnostic and predictive (Diagnostics and Prognostics) technologies for complex systems in aeronautics, astronautics, marine, industrial manufacturing, nuclear power, new energy resources, high-speed rail and other fields, have provided several cutting-edge and hotspot directions that will advance the reliability theory and applications. The realization of system health management based on condition monitoring and testing information is of great value and significance to improve system reliability and safety. The key technologies include health condition assessment, anomaly detection, rapid fault diagnosis, smart maintenance, etc.

As close attention is paid to system health management, many novel prognostic algorithms have been proposed for improving the accuracy of health assessment and prediction. Meanwhile, the associated verification and assessment framework becomes increasingly complex. Furthermore, tremendous progress has been made on the related technologies, such as sensing technology, big data analysis, and cloud computing. However, practitioners in system health management are still facing many challenges, such as how to model system degradation, how to make more intelligent models capable of adapting to complex system evolution, how to carry out standardization in different fields, etc. Bringing the related research findings together will provide new ideas and possible solutions to system health management problems. This would be greatly beneficial to the readers who have expertise or are interested in this fast-growing area.

This Special Section in IEEE Access focuses on aeronautics, astronautics, and industrial manufacturing fields to showcase the progress, algorithms, and applications of analyzing and extracting health indices from condition monitoring and testing information. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Novel sensing technology for system health monitoring
  • Testability analysis and verification
  • Condition monitoring and testing technology
  • Degradation modeling and health assessment
  • Intelligent diagnosis and maintenance
  • Lifetime prediction technology
  • Diagnosis and prediction using big data
  • Verification technology in health management system
  • Typical applications of system health management


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