Communication, Control and Computation Issues in Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks

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IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Communication, Control and Computation Issues in Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks.

The automotive industry has recently shifted from developing advanced vehicles to concentrating on safety and comfort; which stimulates the development of new intelligent vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems and even autonomous driving. However, the current technology development is still far from the practical requirements of autonomous driving. This is because the existing control approaches are mainly based on expensive sensors and cameras employed in the vehicle that hinder the development and popularization of intelligent vehicles. Thanks to wireless communication networks, vehicles can be connected and communicate to each other. Thus, the control of vehicles will become more reliable and cost-efficient with the communication between vehicles. Therefore, cooperatively controlling vehicles by employing reliable communications has become one of key research issues in the Fifth Generation (5G) wireless communication networks.

Due to the high mobility of vehicles and the dynamic change of the network topology, it is difficult to provide satisfied services only through a single wireless access network, such as the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) or the Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. Hence, to provide ubiquitous networks, Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks may well support the communication, control and computation requirements of intelligent vehicles. However it faces multiple critical challenges in designing efficient and flexible resource allocation algorithms since this requires the joint design and optimization of both communication, computing and control theory. This will play a very important role in the development of next generation intelligent vehicular networks.

The goal of this Special Section in IEEE Access is to provide the most recent research and developments on the enabling technologies for heterogeneous vehicular networks and to stimulate discussions on state-of-the-art and innovative aspects in the field. This Special Section focuses on advanced communication and control techniques for intelligent vehicles. Original research and review articles are encouraged. Topics of interests include (but are not limited to):

  • Heterogeneous vehicular network architectures and services
  • Performance evaluation of radio technologies in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Control protocol design in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Autonomous driving control technologies in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Resource allocation and control in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Vehicle social networks in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Mobile cloud computing in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Software-Defined Networking(SDN) for supporting reliable control
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Efficient Big Data analysis in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Mobile sensing networking in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Dynamic spectrum access technologies in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Urban sensing for environment monitoring in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Security, privacy and trust in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Testbed platform and field trials in heterogeneous vehicular networks


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