Big Data Analytics in Internet-of-Things And Cyber-Physical System

Submission Deadline: 10 September 2017

IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Big Data Analytics in Internet-of-Things and Cyber-Physical System.

In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and increasing maturity of communication technology, embedded computing technology, sensing technology and automatic control technology have made tremendous progress. The perfect integration of computing process and physical process Internet-of-Things (IOT) has attracted great attention from government, academia and business circle.

Cyber-Physical System (CPS) as a multidimensional and complex system is a comprehensive calculation, network and physical environment. Through the combination of computing technology, communication technology and control technology, the close integration of the information world and the physical world is realized. IOT is not only closely related to people’s life and social development, but also has a wide application in military affairs, including aerospace, military reconnaissance, intelligence grid system, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical, environmental monitoring, industrial control, etc. Intelligent medical system as a typical application of IOT will be used as a node of medical equipment to provide real-time, safe and reliable medical services for people in wired or wireless way. In the intelligent transportation system, road, bridge, intersection, traffic signal and other key information will be monitored in real time. The vast amount of information is analyzed, released and calculated by the system, so that the road vehicles can share road information in real time. Personnel of road management can observe and monitor the real-time situation of the key sections in the system, and even release the information to guide the vehicle so as to improve the existing urban traffic conditions. The Internet of things, which has been widely used in the industry, is a simple application of IOT. It can realize the function of object identification, positioning and monitoring through the access to the network.

This Special Section in IEEE Access calls for high quality articles with up-to-date technology related to IOT and CPS and serves as a forum for researchers all over the world to discuss their research and recent advancements in the field. In particular, the Special Section will showcase the most recent progress and development in discovery and exploration from big data analytics in Internet-of-Things and Cyber-Physical System. Both theoretical studies and state-of-the-art practical applications are welcome for submission. All the submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and selected on the basis of their quality and relevance to the theme of this special issue.

The list of possible topics includes, but not limited to:

  • Integrating provenance into Internet-of-Things(IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems(CPS)
  • Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles
  • Large data analysis of social network based on information sensing platform
  • Public opinion analysis based on big data
  • Network marketing based on big data
  • Network security analysis based on big data
  • Community detection method for big data networks
  • Community activity prediction based on big data analysis
  • Performance analysis for big data
  • Real-time meanings in various application spaces: aeronautics, medical, transportation, energy
  • Data cleaning approach and technology for IoT and CPS big data
  • Data governance method and data privacy for IoT and CPS big data
  • Business intelligence based on IoT and CPS big data
  • Data management for IoT and CPS big data
  • Network behavior based on IoT and CPS big data
  • Prediction and visualization of IoT and CPS big data
  • Network big data analysis for management and decision-making
  • Modeling and data mining for network big data
  • Physical/virtual testbeds for real-time closed-loop control
  • Machine learning and other approaches for real time data analytics in closed-loop CPS
  • Knowledge reasoning in physical systems
  • Pervasive and ubiquitous technology


We also highly recommend the submission of multimedia with each article as it significantly increases the visibility, downloads, and citations of articles.

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Associate Editor: Houbing Song, West Virginia University, USA.

Guest Editors:

  1. Zhihan Lv, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  2. Jaime Lloret, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
  3. Dongkyun Kim, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea
  4. Jose-Neuman de Souza, Federal University of Ceara, Brazil.


IEEE Access Editor-in-Chief: Michael Pecht, Professor and Director, CALCE, University of Maryland

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