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Editors’ Top Article Selections of 2021

Editors’ Top Selections – IEEE Access Articles Published in 2021

Enabling Large Intelligent Surfaces With Compressive Sensing and Deep Learning

Abdelrahman Taha, Muhammad Alrabeiah, Ahmed Alkhateeb

This paper presents a novel architecture for large intelligent surfaces by leveraging compressive sensing and deep learning tools. The architecture keeps the majority of its reflection matrix elements passive while nearly eliminating the training overhead required for the passive elements.

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High-Power and High-Responsivity Avalanche Photodiodes for Self-Heterodyne FMCW Lidar System Applications

Zohauddin Ahmad, Yan-Min Liao, Sheng-I Kuo, You-Chia Chang, Rui-Lin Chao, Naseem, Yi-Shan Lee, Yung-Jr Hung, Huang-Ming Chen, Jyehong Chen, Jiun-In Guo, Jin-Wei Shi

A novel top-illuminated InGaAs-based avalanche photodiode with high-power and high-responsivity is proposed here for multiple benefits in self-heterodyne frequency-modulated continuous wave Lidar system applications.

Read the full article on IEEE Xplore.


Collision Avoidance in Pedestrian-Rich Environments With Deep Reinforcement Learning

Michael Everett, Yu Fan Chen, Jonathan P. How

In an effort to make the navigation of robots collision-free, a deep reinforcement model is effectively employed, which handles a potentially large and time-varying number of nearby, decision-making agents with a single learned policy.

Read the full article on IEEE Xplore.


Meandering Pattern 433 MHz Antennas for Ingestible Capsules

Michael J. Christoe, Natthaporn Phaoseree, Jialuo Han, Aron Michael, Shaghik Atakaramians, Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh

An optimum design of a miniature antenna that gives desired signal transmission across extreme conditions of in-body dielectric environment is presented in this article.

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Highly Sensitive Reflective-Mode Phase-Variation Permittivity Sensor Based on a Coplanar Waveguide Terminated With an Open Complementary Split Ring Resonator (OCSRR)

Lijuan Su, Jonathan Munoz-Enano, Paris Velez, Marta Gil-Barba, Pau Casacuberta, Ferran Martin

Reflective-mode phase-variation microwave sensors devoted to material characterization, where the sensing element is an electrically small planar resonator, are presented in this article.

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IEEE Access Best Video Award: All-Time Winners

Each year IEEE Access hosts a video award where authors that submit a video with their article submission to IEEE Access have a chance to win a $500 USD Amazon gift card.  For more information on the award, please click here.  Below is a list of all the IEEE Access Best Video Award winners over the years.

2021 (Part 2) Winners:


2021 (Part 1) Winners:


2020 Part (2) Winners:


2020 (Part 1) Winners:


2019 (Part 2) Winners:


2019 (Part 1) Winners:


2018 (Part 2) Winners:


2018 (Part 1) Winners:


2017 (Part 2) Winners:


2017 (Part 1) Winners:


2016 Winners:


2015 Winners:

IEEE Magnetics Society Co-Sponsoring the 2022 Joint MMM-Intermag Conference

The IEEE Magnetics Society, which has a permanent section within IEEE Access, will be co-sponsoring the Joint MMM-Intermag Conference in New Orleans, LA, from January 10-14, 2022 with AIP Publishing LLC.  

The 15th Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference (2022 Joint) is an opportunity for members of the international scientific and engineering communities interested in recent developments in fundamental and applied magnetism to attend and contribute to the technical sessions. The conference will offer both in-person and prerecorded on-demand content.

The technical program will include invited and contributed papers in oral and poster sessions, invited symposia, a plenary session, and an evening session, with about 1500 presentations overall. Listed below are just a few of the Special Events and Sessions occurring during the conference: 

– Tutorial: Quantum  Magnonics
– Special Session: Current Trends in Magnetism,
– Women in Magnetism Event
– Plenary and IEEE Awards Ceremony
– Writing Workshop


To learn more about attending or participating in this conference, please visit the conference website.

IEEE Access now offers Paperpal Preflight

IEEE Access now offers Paperpal Preflight as a preparatory tool. Running your manuscript through Paperpal Preflight prior to submission to IEEE Access allows you to receive instant feedback on common errors and omissions in language and technical aspects of your manuscript, to help you improve your manuscript prior to submission. Check your manuscript on Paperpal Preflight by clicking here.

IEEE Access Hosts Permanent Society/Council Sections

Did you know that IEEE Access hosts multiple, permanent Society/Council Sections? These sections are collections of articles that focus on an IEEE Society/Council’s fields of interest, grouped together on IEEE Xplore. Articles submitted to these sections are managed by topically focused Editors from that Society/Council, and undergo high-quality, rigorous peer review in only 4 to 6 weeks.

Publishing open access gives your research maximum visibility, and with the expedited peer review process of IEEE Access, you can share your research with the world faster. View all of the Society/Council Sections that IEEE Access hosts by clicking here.


Enter the Best Video Award for the Opportunity to Win $500

The 2022 IEEE Access Best Video Award Part 2 is a contest to win a prize of a $500 USD Amazon gift card for a corresponding author who submits the best video with an IEEE Access article submission. The best video will be selected by an independent editorial judging committee.

Once you submit your article and video through the IEEE Author Portal, and review and sign the electronic copy of the Terms and Conditions below, your video will be eligible to be considered for the award.

Currently accepting entries for articles with video submitted between July 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022.

*All submissions must be original and cannot include any third party content. Submissions that include third party content may be disqualified.

Helpful tips for creating a video.


To participate in this award, please complete the following form:

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    Five IEEE Access Editorial Board Members Recognized as Highly Cited Researchers by Web of Science™

    We are proud to announce that 5 of our Editorial Board Members have been recognized as Highly Cited Researchers for 2020 by the Web of Science™. This prestigious acknowledgement recognizes true pioneers within their respective fields who have produced multiple highly-cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science™.

    Congratulations to the IEEE Access Editorial Board Members Josep M. Guerrero, Okyay Kaynak, Victor Leung, Michael G. Pecht, and Mugen Peng for this excellent accomplishment.  To learn more about the Highly Cited Researchers 2020 please click here.


    Winners of the 2019 IEEE Access Best Multimedia Award (Part 2)

    IEEE Access would like to congratulate the winners of the 2019 IEEE Access Best Multimedia Award (Part 2) and recipients of a $500 USD Amazon gift card for their fine contributions to IEEE Access. The full article entitled, “kNN-STUFF: kNN STreaming Unit for Fpgas” can be found by clicking here.


    How to Get Published in IEEE Access, by Editor-in-Chief, Derek Abbott

    Learn more from the IEEE Access Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Derek Abbott, on tips for ensuring your article gets published in IEEE Access.