Submitting an Article

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Article acceptance requirements

The criteria for an article to be accepted for publication include:

  1. The article should be original writing that enhances the existing body of knowledge in the given subject area. Original review articles and surveys are acceptable, even if new data/concepts are not presented.
  2. Results reported have not been submitted or published elsewhere (although expanded versions of conference publications are eligible for submission).
  3. Experiments, statistics, and other analyses are performed to a high technical standard and are described in sufficient detail.
  4. Conclusions are presented in an appropriate fashion and are supported by the data.
  5. The article is presented in an intelligible fashion and is written in standard English.
  6. Appropriate references to related prior published works must be included.


Who is eligible to publish in IEEE Access?

Authors who work as academic, industry, and government leaders in R&D are eligible to publish in IEEE Access. These authors may not have published with IEEE in the past, but would like an outlet for their innovative, practical, and applied research.


Types of submissions that are highly encouraged

  • Interdisciplinary topics, or applications-oriented articles that don’t fit within the scope of traditional journals
  • Practical articles describing interesting solutions to engineering or information system design challenges
  • Development of new or improved fabrication or manufacturing techniques
  • Articles reporting new experimental or measurement techniques, including negative results
  • Reviews of new or evolving fields aimed at increasing others’ understanding of these emerging topics

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Do you need to meet an open access (OA) publishing requirement?

Authors using government research funding or university consortium funding may be required to publish in OA journals. IEEE Access offers these authors a broad-scoped alternative to the more narrowly focused IEEE fully Open Access topical journals.


Speed up submission time with IEEE templates

Below are some useful links to assist authors to publish with IEEE Access:


IEEE Author digital tools

Information and tools to assist with all stages of publishing with IEEE


Submission checklist

  1. Manuscript as a PDF in double column, single-spaced format
  2. Manuscript keywords
  3. Biographies of all listed authors
  4. Opposed reviewers (if any)
  5. If the article is being resubmitted after being rejected as a result of peer review, then a complete “list of updates” must be included in a separate document. The list of updates should have the following regarding each comment: 1) Reviewers’ concerns, 2) authors’ response to the concerns, 3) actual changes implemented.