Benefits of Publishing in IEEE Access

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  • Become a published author in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Reach millions of global users through the IEEE Xplore® digital library with free access to all.
  • Submit multidisciplinary articles that do not fit neatly in traditional journals.
  • Have the prestige of being published by an IEEE journal.

Note: Authors using government research funding or university consortium funding may be required to publish in open access (OA) journals. IEEE Access offers these authors a broad-scoped alternative to the more narrowly focused OA topical journals.


Benefit from practical innovations

IEEE Access authors work as academic, industry, and government leaders in R&D. These authors may not have published with IEEE in the past, but would like an outlet for their innovative, practical, and applied research.


Integrate multimedia content

IEEE Access encourages submission of video, to be published with the article on IEEE Xplore. All multimedia must be sent to peer review with your manuscript for evaluation. Video should not exceed 100 MB and may be simulations, demonstrations, or interviews with other experts. Video can be a great tool to enhance and promote your article. Typically, the most popular articles in IEEE Access have multimedia.

IEEE Access is currently hosting a 2017 Best Multimedia Contest.


Moderated commenting on articles

Share your thoughts and questions through the commenting feature on IEEE Access articles – the only IEEE journal to offer this feature. Users may post comments, questions, videos, images, or links to other published articles.


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